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Science Fiction
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    Those of My Blood: Tales of the Luren, Book One

    Jacqueline Lichtenberg

    In the world of the future, Titus Shiddehara has a unique heritage. Twenty years earlier, he'd been "killed" in a car crash and buried by his fiancée, having been forbidden by his vampire "father" to reveal his true heritage to his human lover. But Titus can't be killed quite so easily; and when he embarks on a space mission to save Earth, he encounters his fiancée once again. Once again Titus's "father" threatens to destroy her--and perhaps Titus too. Can the lovers be reunited--and can they rescue the Earth from certain invasion? The first book in the Tales of the Luren series. As Library Journal says: "The author of the Dushau Trilogy and the Sime~Gen series ably integrates vampire lore with SF intrigue in a novel that should have broad appeal."

    $17.99 Paperback$3.99 ePub / Kindle

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    The Chimera and the Shadowfox Griefer and Other Curious People

    A.R. Morlan

    This companion volume to The Fold-O-Rama Wars at the Blue Moon Roach Hotel centers around outsiders, artists, and freaks (be they natural-born or self-made); three of the stories are interconnected, but they're also designed to stand alone. Each includes an afterword to shine additional light on both the works and their cultural personal inspirations. Here are four novelettes (three of them original to this book) set in a bizarrely fantastic, near-future America, filled with tattoo artists and other creative types, as well as the Hikikomori's Cartoon Kimono, the Twijfelen challenge of the Pi Zi, and the showdown between the Unnatural-Born Chimera and the Shadowfox Griefer! No one uncovers the naked, bleeding soul of modern American culture better than A. R. Morlan.

    $14.99 Paperback

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    Resnick on the Loose

    Mike Resnick

    RESNICK ON THE LOOSE collects Mike Resnick's essays, editorials, interviews, introduction, and articles -- more than 75 of them -- covering everything from Hugo Awards to classic authors to the art of writing. An essential volume for anyone interested in looking beyond Resnick's award-winning novels and stories to the heart and soul of the creative genius behind them! Introduction by Eric Flint.

    $19.99 Paperback4.99 ePub / Kindle
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    The Truth Spinner: The Complete Adventures of Castor Jenkins

    Rhys Hughes

    Castor Jenkins is a Welshman who tells stories that may (or may not) be true...but no matter how fantastic, no one can prove they never happened! In the tradition of Lord Dunsany's "The Travel Tales of Mr. Joseph Jorkens" and Arthur C. Clarke's "Tales of the White Hart," here is a collection of club stories full of wonder and marvels, as only Rhys Hughes could have told them!

    $14.99 Paperback3.99 ePub / Kindle
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    Adrift in the Noosphere

    Damien Broderick

    In his Foreword, Rich Horton says: "First rate stories..." "Time Considered as a Series of Thermite Burns in No Particular Order" is a clever and very funny time travel romp; "The Beancounter's Cat" is set in a far future with Clarkean science sufficiently advanced to appear magical; "Walls of Flesh, Bars of Bone" (with Barbara Lamar) is another look at the mystery of human destiny; "Under the Moons of Venus" is a remarkable, evocative homage to one of SF's greats." Well-known editor Gardner Dozois has said of "The Beancounter's Cat" that it "...starts out reading like fantasy, and gradually turns into very far-future SF." Also included is an original tale with Paul Di Filippo, "Luminous Fish," taking Mike Moorcock's famous character Jerry Cornelius for a spin in the 21st century! Nine scintillating science fiction stories by a major writer in the field.

    $14.99 Paperback
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    The Dyrysgol Horror and Other Weird Tales

    Edmund Glasby

    What is the nature of the evil that terrorizes Dyrysgol? Detective Inspector Bernard Owen must investigate the disappearances of several inhabitants of a remote Welsh village. Local anger is directed towards Dyrysgol Castle and its enigmatic owner, Viscount Ravenwood, but Owen knows that fear and superstition can cloud the facts; he needs to make his own judgment. The nobleman is a strange and solitary man--but is he a murderer? When another man goes missing, and his car is found with great claw marks across the roof, Owen and his officers find themselves dragged unwillingly towards the bloody conclusion of...THE DYRYSGOL HORROR! The other stories in this highly original collection include "The Doll," "The Stuff of Nightmares," "The Unearthed," and "Army of the Damned."

    $14.99 Paperback$2.99 ePub / Kindle

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    Darkwater: A Gothic Tale of Horror

    V.J. Banis

    In the mysterious bayou country of Louisiana, Jennifer Hale, orphaned and destitute in the wake of the Civil War, arrives at Darkwater full of hope, but the cold reception she receives alarms her. So do the screams of Alicia, the dying mistress of the plantation, who appears to be suffering from a psychosomatic illness that causes her to choke uncontrollably. Perhaps even more frightening is Jennifer's dangerous attraction to Walter Dere, her handsome employer. But her fear is forgotten when Alicia's death frees Walter to propose to Jennifer. Then Jennifer begins developing the same symptoms as Alicia. In desperation, she remembers Alicia's ravings about voodoo magic. Can she learn to protect herself from this violent curse? Or will the evil presence at Darkwater lead her to a fate worse than death itself? A first-rate romantic suspense novel.

    $2.99 ePub / Kindle$14.99 Paperback

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    The Mural: A Novel of Horror

    Michael Mallory

    Hidden in the desolate woods on the Central California coast, lost to time and memory, is a WPA mural unlike any other created during the 1930s. This one was not simply fashioned from charcoal and paint; it was crafted out of undying evil--the evil of an ancient demonic army called Legion. When structural inspector Jack Hayden stumbles upon the mural in a ruined civic building, he tries to convince himself that it might add to the crumbling structure’s value. But that note of hopefulness is quickly replaced by terror as the mural spreads its cruel, nightmarish horror over Hayden and everyone in his life. Soon he's leading his own attack force made up of those who have managed to fend off the evil of the mural in their souls, but now must do so in physical terms...or die trying. The fictional debut of a new master of horror fiction!

    $2.99 ePub / Kindle$17.99 Paperback

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    Vampire's Dilemma

    edited by Jacqueline Lichtenberg and Jean Lorrah

    Life doesnt stop being complicated just because you're dead. In the old days, vampires were sexy, ruthless, and evil. They could, and would, compel the living to do whatever they wanted. They owned the night. Unfortunately, being undead in modern times has unexpected and disturbing challenges.

    Now nine authors take an amused, and sometimes grim look at the problems some vampires face in the twenty-first century. In "Thin White Duke in Sneakers," a newly turned environmental activist and confirmed vegan has some serious issues with his politically incorrect vampire diet. Family life is disrupted in "Uncle Dmitri" when the police suddenly want to know what kindly Uncle Dmitri might be doing at night besides driving a cab. A young artist in "Take My Breath Away" desperately seeks a real vampire to turn her into an immortal only to discover she will still need to get a job to pay her rent. In "The Face on the Coin," unlife is complicated by obsession, a vampire ghost and time travel. "Farmer" is a tale of the far-future where humans may well be hunted off the face of the Earth. "Sunrise Decision" is the compelling story of a young marine in Fallujah who can only stop a murderous predator by making his own, personal life and death decision. In "They Shall Take Up Serpents," a predatory Revivalist preacher is brought to justice by a vampire and a cage full of snakes. In "Sale Season" intrigue and vampire romance haunt the art galleries of Europe while "Cursed Blood" asks the eternal question: Do you always have to bite the one you love?

    $14.99 Paperback
  • Chesapeake Crimes: This Job is Murder!

    Edited by: Donna Andrews, Barb Goffman and Marcia Talley

    The latest installment in the Chesapeake Crimes mystery series focuses on working stiffs -- literally! Included in this collection are new tales by: Shari Randall, C. Ellett Logan, Karen Cantwell, E. B. Davis, Jill Breslau, David Autry, Harriette Sackler, Barb Goffman, Ellen Herbert, Smita Harish Jain, Leone Ciporin, Cathy Wiley, Donna Andrews, Art Taylor. Foreword by Elaine Viets.

    $14.99 Paperback

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    Racing from Death: A Nikki Latrelle Racing Mystery

    Sasscer Hill

    Racing at Virginia's beautiful Colonial Downs turns into a nightmare for jockey Nikki Latrelle. A sociopath is selling diet cocktails...and killing jockets who struggle to make racing weight. To make matters worse, Nikki nad her exercise friend Lorna hear strange noises echoing in the nighttime woods, and a burned body turns up on the road outside the track.

    Are all these events related? Nikki's unease turns to dismay when bad-boy Bobby Duvayne mesmerizes young Lorna with his raw sexuality and a dangerous supply of drugs. A hidden meth lab, an old family secret, a body buried years ago in the woods, and Lorna's sudden disappearance pull Nikki into a race against death.

    An exciting new racing mystery from the Agatha and Macavity Award-nominated author of Full Mortality!

    $13.99 Paperback

  • Book Title

    Murder Jambalaya

    Lloyd Biggle Jr.

    "My missing person did not hunt, fish, or engage in any type of sport that one would do in a Louisiana fishing village. And after a cursory look at what was called Pointe Nueve, I doubted a decent antique could be found to buy in the entire collection of rusty, metal-roofed buildings. At least I knew not to expect to find a body there. The alligators would have taken care of that weeks ago. OK, so I can be wrong once in a while..." Louisiana antique dealer Marc DeVarney, a well-respected businessman, has suddenly gone missing, and J. Pletcher and Raina Lambert, investigative consultants, are hired by his family to locate the man--or his remains. Their quest sends them scurrying through the area around New Orleans, from the wealthy mansions of the Garden District to the swamps and bayous of small, nearby fishing villages. With the aid of a unique cast of New Orleans characters, including a licensed witch, a game warden, local "royalty," a brilliant attorney, flea market vendors, and assorted street people, they must sort through a myriad of deceptions to confront the twisted evil secrets of the past. A marvelously evocative mystery thriller.

    $15.99 Paperback
Classic Mysteries
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    Reflected Glory

    John Russell Fearn

    When rising young artist Clive Hexley, R.A., vanishes, his friends suspect foul play. Chief-Inspector Calthorp of Scotland Yard is called upon to look into the disappearance, and his investigations lead him to question Hexley’s ex-fiancée, Elsa Farraday. Farraday writes horror-tinged mysteries under a pseudonym, and lives by herself in an old house in the English countryside. She eventually confesses that she murdered the artist and threw his body into a swamp. But the girl’s odd, even peculiar mannerisms puzzle Calthorp, and he hesitates to make an arrest when no trace of Hexley's body can be found--or even any proof of his death. Ultimately, he calls in Dr. Adam Castle, the redoubtable psychiatrist and investigator, to help solve the case. Is Elsa a cold-blooded murderer mining her own crimes for her lurid novels? Or is she just an unfortunate "lost soul" who was in the wrong place at the wrong time? An absolutely first-rate psychological thriller!

    $14.99 Paperback

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    The Experiences of Loveday Brooke, Lady Detective

    Catherine-Louisa Pirkis

    Miss Loveday Brooke was one of the of the very first fictional female detectives -- an unheard-of profession for a woman in Victorian London. This volume collects seven of her classic adventures: "The Black Bag Left on a Door-Step," "The Murder at Troyte's Hill," "The Redhill Sisterhood," "A Princess's Vengeance," "Drawn Daggers," "The Ghost of Foutain Lane," and "Missing!" These stories all originally appeared in Ludgate Magazine in the 1890s.

    $19.99 Hardcover $11.99 Paperback

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    Sydney J. Bounds

    The happy camaraderie of the Porthcove Studios holiday hotel is shattered by the arrival of the misanthropic George Bullard. The unpleasant Bullard goes out of his way to taunt and annoy both staff and fellow artist guests. So when he's found brutally murdered, everyone in the hotel comes under suspicion as having a motive to kill him. And when a second guest is pushed down the stairs leading to the beach, the police are baffled--and it falls to the unorthodox lady detective Miss Isabelle Eaton to unmask the murderer. A first-rate British crime novel!

    $14.99 Paperback

  • Book Cover

    The Unique Hamlet

    Vincent Starrett

    In 1920, Vincent Starrett privately printed "The Unique Hamlet: A Hitherto Unchronicled Adventure of Mr. Sherlock Holmes," a novelette concerning a unusual edition of Shakespeare's play. The edition is believed to have consisted of 110 copies, of which about 50 are still known to exist among collectors. Starrett, no stranger to fiction, wrote extensively in the mystery field, including the 1975 book, "The Private Life of Sherlock Holmes." He also created his own Chicago-based detective, Jimmy Lavender, whose stories are very much in the Holmes tradition.

    $7.99 Paperback
  • Book Cover

    Split Heirs

    Lawrence Watt-Evans and Esther Friesner

    High comedy, low pratfalls, and thrilling derring-do combine in a magical and fantastic epic about the Ancient and Honorable Kingdom of the Hydrangeans; the mighty, though rather stupid, warrior Gudge; and the mysterious Black Weasel.

    $14.99 Paperback$4.99 Epub / Kindle

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    The Last Book of Wonder

    Lord Dunsany

    "Not only does any tale which crosshatches between this world and Faerie owe a Founder's Debt to Lord Dunsany, but the secondary world created by J.R.R. Tolkien--from which almost all fantasylands have devolved--also took shape and flower from Dunsany?s example." --The Encyclopedia of Fantasy

    Most fantasy enthusiasts consider Lord Dunsany one of the most significant forces in modern fantasy; his influences have been observed in the works of H.P. Lovecraft, L. Sprague de Camp, Fritz Leiber, Jack Vance, and many other modern writers. The Book of Wonder is Dunsany at his peak of his talent. The stories here are a lush tapestry of language, conjuring images of people, places, and things which cannot possibly exist, yet somehow ring true. They are, in short, full of wonder. Together with Dunsany's other major collections, A Dreamer's Tales and Tales of Three Hemispheres, they are a necessary part of any fantasy collection

    $29.95 Hardcover $12.99 Paperback

  • Book Cover

    Touches of Wonder and Fantasy: Tales of Dark Fantasy and Science Fiction / Voyages in Mind and Space: Stories of Mystery and Fantasy (Wildside Double #24)

    James C. Glass

    TOUCHES OF WONDER AND TERROR: Tales of Dark Fantasy and Science Fiction, by James C. Glass.

    Here are eight stories of science fiction and fantasy to stir your emotions, amuse you, or give you a night of uneasy sleep. There are fun-loving aliens on tour, a vision quest in the Badlands of North Dakota, a protocol hostess with a most unusual employer, and a cursed knife blade uncovered by children. A space traveler is seduced by a musical, cosmic voice, and a film critic discovers true realism. A warrior learns what valor really is, and a woman climbing a dangerous mountain is aided by a strange being from the past. Great reading from a master wordsmith!

    VOYAGES IN MIND AND SPACE: Stories of Mystery and Fantasy, by James C. Glass.

    Here are six long stories of mystery, fantasy, and science fiction to entertain you, and a rare poem by the author. A woman and her daughter discover there is more to death than biology, a young student bullied at school finds power in a poster, and a hog farmer begins a journey to his destiny in a rainstorm. A grandson finds himself in danger for suspecting that his grandmother is doing a "bad thing" in her basement. A creature from mythology is reunited with her lover from a distant past, and an astronaut dreams of a love unbounded by space or time. Great reading from a master storyteller!

    $15.99 Paperback
Historical Fiction
  • Book Cover

    The Last Lion and Other Tales

    Vicente Blasco IBÁÑEZ

    Vicente Blasco Ibanez (1867-1928) was a Spanish realist novelist writing in Spanish, a screenwriter, and occasional film director. Born in Valencia, today he is best known in the English-speaking world for his World War I novel Los cuatro jinetes del apocalipsis (The Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse). This volume collects six short works by Ibanez: "The Last Lion," "The Toad," "Compassion," "The Windfall," "Luxury," and "Rabies."

    $3.99 Paperback

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    Sage Brush and Six-Guns

    Charles Beckman

    On the Texas-Mexican border during the pre-Civil War era, "Thirty-Thirty" Martinue, with his Lazy R spread, and Josiah Zepeda and his Boxed X ranch, are drawn into an almost inevitable generations-long range war over control of the huge expanse of scrub land outside Brownsville, Texas. During a cattle drive to Kansas, Thirty-Thirty's young son, Red Martinue, meets the beautiful Celeste Kalinec, a professional singer in a Dodge City saloon, and immediately falls in love with her. She leaves her much-older husband, who's been abusing her, and returns with the young man to Texas. Celeste sets up house with Red in the ranch country, but ultimately becomes dissatisfied with the heat, hard work, and lack of social interaction. Under pressure from his pretty wife, Red finally sells his half of the Lazy R to the Zepedas, and moves into town, and there he and his wife become successful business entrepreneurs. However, Duncan Zepeda, Josiah's son, wants Celeste for his own. The two old men and their two younger heirs finally face off in a classic six-gun confrontation on Main Street, settling the ancient feud once and for all. A great action- and romance-packed saga of the Old West: it doesn't get much grittier than this!

    $14.99 Paperback
Brian Stableford
  • Book Cover

    Asgard's Secret: The Asgard Trilogy, Book One

    Brian Stableford

    They call it Asgard, the Home of the Gods. Beneath its artificial shell are at least three vast cave-systems, each one the size of an Earth-like world; and beneath those, possibly many more. No one knows how many layers there might be, and no one knows what secrets might be buried down at the "center"--if there is a center. At some time in the distant past, Asgard had suffered a terrible catastrophe. Now its outer layers are cold, its builders presumed dead. Explorers and exploiters from a hundred different worlds and races are scavenging among the ruins--but deep down, there might still be light, warmth, life...and perils unknown. Mike Rousseau was one of the first humans to come to Asgard, decades earlier. Now he's challenged by both friends and foes--and it's hard to tell them apart on this icebound planet. He might also be the one man who can solve the biggest puzzle in the galaxy...if only he can stay alive! The first novel in a thrilling trilogy of science fiction adventure and discovery.

    $15.99 Paperback

  • Book Cover

    Asgard's Conquerors: The Asgard Triology, Book Two

    Brian Stableford

    Asgard's not an easy world to get away from. Mike Rousseau only wants to take a vacation in his home system, but he's back before he has time to draw breath, and he's been drafted into the Space Force once again. His new mission is even more dangerous than the last one, the number of his enemies has increased vastly, and his friends haven't improved at all. By way of compensation, he has another chance to get closer to the mystery at Asgard's heart--but the inhabitants of the megaplanet's core are no longer content to sit quietly and wait to be found. They've discovered the outside universe, and are trying to decide what to do about it--but they have problems of their own. Only Rousseau can cross the boundaries between species, and offer each of the races a possible solution. Another great entry into an exciting SF series!

    $15.99 Paperback

  • Book Cover

    Asgard's Heart: The Asgard Trilogy, Book Three

    Brian Stableford

    The gods of Asgard are in deep trouble. If they can't defeat their internal enemies, the starlet in the macroworld's core will blow up, killing trillions humanoids in its various layers. Only one man can save this articifial planet, and he can only do that by duplicating himself. Unfortunately, the software version of himself that's trying to operate within Asgard's virtual space is fighting on the adversary's home ground, and seems to have even less chance of success than the flesh-and-blood version. Even if they both get through, and contrive somehow to save the macroworld from destruction, how can they ever get together again to become a whole man--and at what cost? The thrilling conclusion to a magnificent sci-fi saga!

    $15.99 Paperback